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(English as an Additional Language)

At Royal Rise Primary we are pleased to welcome children from a diverse range of backgrounds.  We hope to make children feel included from the day they join us.

Our Young Interpreters, along with their classmates and teachers, strive to ensure that new pupils settle in quickly and to make school a happy experience.

Please take some time to read the statements written by some of our EAL pupils.


"I was feeling so shy and I didn’t know anyone.

I found the work hard.

At home we speak in Hakka but I enjoy speaking in English and Hakka now.

I enjoy doing hard work at school and playing with my friends."


"When I came to school I felt scared because I was worried about the work and I didn’t know anybody or understand anything.

Now I am happy because I can understand what people are saying.  I like Maths and English and enjoy writing stories. 

I think St Stephen’s is a good school and you can learn."


" Before: I felt very sad because I hadn’t been in a school before, only in Nursery. And I thought that it is hard and can’tspeak to them."

"After:  I felt confident with all the subjects exceptRE and I can speaktheirlanguage and am not scared. The teachers help me too."